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Essay example - Sales Presentation

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Sales Presentation to Whole Foods Market Name of the Student University Date Table of Contents PROSPECTING 3 Description of customer 3 Description of the organization 3 PRE-APPROACH 3 APPROACH 4 SALES PRESENTATION 5 Script 7 HANDLING OBJECTIONS 7 CLOSING 8 FOLLOW UP 8 CONCLUSION 9 References 10 PROSPECTING In sales terms, a prospect is a potential client, customer or purchaser…

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In this stage, it is important for the seller to select those prospects who can provide maximum profit to the organization. In the prospecting stage, information about the client or the customer as well as the selling organization is evaluated. Description of customer The potential customer chosen for sales presentation will be Whole Foods Market. The retail store is a grocery supermarket chain based in America (Wholefoodsmarket, 2013a). The retail chain is headquartered in Texas and was founded by John Mackey who is the current Chief Executive Officer for the organization. The company was established in 1980 and is publicly traded. The retail chain is known for selling of foods which are minimally processed and organically farmed (Wholefoodsmarket, 2013b). At present the organization has around 400 stores located in different parts of America and United Kingdom. Description of the organization The organization name is organic valley, which is a cooperative of about 1500 farm families producing market certified and premium organic food products. It is one of the largest organic farmer’s cooperative in United States. ...
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