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Customer’s Last Name Instructor’s Name Date Introduction Arizona is located in the Southwestern part of the United States and in terms of size; it is the sixth largest state of America. It has a somewhat rocky topography and is bordered by Utah and New Mexico.


In the year 2000, there were 26.7 million visitors from different parts of US and 899000 foreign visitors. So the tourism industry has great potential in Arizona. There are a lot of places of tourist attraction in Arizona such as the 22 monuments and national parks (Grand Canyon National Park is the most popular park). There are specifically 14 state parks that are able to attract a million visitors each year. There are many camping sites on both private and public, ranches and farms (majorly in Tucson and Wickenburg). Navaho and Hopi are ideal places for shopping and sight seeing. The Salt River Lake is very ideal for boating while the red rock country of Sedona is unique in its own ways (ArizonaTourism). Because of the high potential of the tourism business, the business that I started a hotel called Tourist’s Paradise in Phoenix in the state of Arizona. Marketing Objectives Tourist’s Paradise has a total of 350 rooms with ten rooms being suites (used majorly by newly wed couples). This hotel started off 5 years ago but still not many people are aware about it as this is reflected in the number of visitations in the past five years. It has all the attractions for a tourist or a vacationer such as a bar, swimming pool, tennis court and gym. ...
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