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Integrated marketing and communication Name of the student Name of University Course title Date Table of Contents Introduction 3 Integrated marketing communications 3 IMC Strategy & Plan 5 Brand Positioning 5 Message Strategy 7 Creative Strategy 7 Non personal communications channels 11 Personal communications channels 12 Evaluation of IMC Campaign 13 Addressing gaps in customer expectations 13 References 15 Introduction The term integrated marketing communications (IMC) was developed during the mid twentieth century.


However, depending on the context and environment in which the business is operating, different interpretations of IMC have evolved. IMC has gained importance from both academic researchers and corporate decision makers. According to academic scholars, the concept of IMC cannot be defined with the help of any rigid definition. An in depth understanding of the various ways of marketing communication would be useful in explaining the huge utility of this term in the present business context and the marketing activities made by companies all over the globe (Drummond & Ensor, 2005). Integrated marketing communications The procedure followed in integrated marketing communications refers to a series of activities made by companies in succession to one another. These activities are “the strategic analysis, choice, implementation and control of all elements of marketing communications which efficiently, economically and effectively influence transactions between an organization and its existing and potential customers, consumers and clients” (Panda, 2007, p. 524). ...
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