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Brand Strategy and Analysis Name Course Tutor 25th August 2013 Brand Strategy and Analysis How a Customer Analysis Helps In Creating Brand Strategy Ideally, customer analysis is one of the fundamental aspects of brand strategy development. Indeed, upon identification of the market, the management analyzes the target consumers of the company’s products or services (Alameda County SBDC, 2013).


This helps to establish whether the brand meets the customers’ expectation and hence establish the need to modify or maintain the brand. Moreover, the managers can carry out an analysis on the customers’ data with a view of developing a marketing strategy that will communicate the brand messages to the target customers and help in predicting future market demands for the brand. For instance, the management can derive a strategic plan for the marketing department with an aim of helping them understand the customers’ needs and henceforth design a brand that meets those needs and reaches the customers in an effective way. Additionally, customers’ analysis helps in brand positioning through the analysis and understanding of different customer segments which defines their usage, needs, and experiences (Alameda County SBDC, 2013). Indeed, such an understanding clearly helps in creating brand strategy as the brand design seeks to satisfy each customer segment. ...
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