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Brand Marketing (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Brand Marketing Consumers are considered to be rational in consumption. In most cases, as Dhar, 2007 argues, consumers tend to go for products that fit their personality. They gauge worthiness of a product with what the product make them feel.


Moreover, it gives analysis of personality in B2B and B2C markets (Kurtz 2012) Marketing for B2C When managers market their products to the end consumer, they focus on things that would entice the consumer as an individual unlike when marketing products to other businesses or firms. Brand identity in B2C is created through a process of repetition and imagery. Products are designed in such a way that they capture emotions of buyers in relation to their desires, status or price. Brand managers would focus on converting shoppers into buyers. B2C managers employ strategies such as coupons and displays in order to entice buyers. Since B2C campaigns are for a short period, strategies to capture customers as quickly as possible are utilised. In another dimension, the main goal of B2C marketing involves creating customer loyalty to the brand. Marketing for B2B Marketing for B2B focuses on a rather small market. Business value influences buying decision. In addition, the goal of B2B is to convert prospects into customers. B2B managers, therefore, tend to focus on relationship building through communication. Mainly, the business in B2B is between a business and other businesses. Advertising through media becomes critical in B2B marketing. ...
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