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The main issue with J.J. Meyers Company was that it lacked an appropriate leadership. In the decade when the company was facing problems and crisis the main problem was that it lost a good relationship and a factor of trust between the employees, labor and the top management.


So lack of appropriate leadership was the main issue for the company facing so many crises. Following are the related four sub issues. One of the four sub issues was lack of motivation amongst employees. It is very important to keep the working environment challenging for the employees so that they are kept motivated. But again how challenging it should be so that it does not harm the productivity is again the leader’s responsibility. By the implication of the expectancy theory, the employees of the company could have been motivated. The theory relates to the determinants of the attitudes and behaviors at the workplace. There are three things that this theory explains that are valence, instrumentality and expectancy (Judge and Robbins, 2010). Valence is the measure of the attraction and the satisfaction associated with the predefined outcome for an individual. Instrumentality is the belief of the person regarding the relationship amongst performing the action and experiencing the outcome. Expectancy is the belief related to the link amongst the effort making and the good performance in true terms. So if the CEO at that time could have been able to use this theory then the results might not have got worse like in the decade of his leadership. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory is one other theory that applies in this case. ...
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