research proposal: the effectiveness of Carling marketing campaign

research proposal: the effectiveness of Carling marketing campaign Coursework example
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Effectiveness of Carling Marketing Campaign Executive Summary In this paper, the researcher will briefly discuss the market research proposal that would be used to analyze effectiveness of the advertising campaign that has been launched by Carling Beer. In the first section, the report has highlighted marketing challenges faced by Carling Beer and the existing significant business opportunities for them in UK alcoholic beverages industry.


Calculation of market research project cost and project time schedule has also been incorporated in the paper. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Background Section 4 Part A- Marketing Environment of Carling 4 Part B- Theoretical Aspects 9 Problem definition and Research Objectives 10 Research Design 11 Costs and Timetable 13 “The issue of quantifying the returns to marketing activities in financial terms is one of the greatest challenges facing marketing and brand managers today” -Mizik and Jacobson (2008, p. 15) Introduction The above lines are not only mere scholarly phrase from two renowned research scholars but core essence of this piece of work. According to the above phrase of Mizik and Jacobson (2008), modern marketing managers face challenges regarding quantifying the outcome of marketing effort such as promotional campaign, advertising campaigns etc. Nias (2013) reported that Carling has launched ?10m campaign of “refreshingly perfect' strapline” on 1 June, 2013. Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd is parent company behind the Carling brand (Carling, 2013a). In the next section, the researcher will shed light on background of the research problem in this piece of work. ...
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