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Integrated Marketing Communication Name Institution Professor Date Section 1: integrated marketing communication Integrated marketing approach is a modern marketing approach that gained prominence during the late 20th century and has been employed in different avenues of marketing with varying success.


Promotion is considered as one of the major elements of marketing mix and it possesses its own mix of communication tools. Advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion among others are some of the elements of IMC, these tools enable a company to implement its advertising and marketing objectives constructively through a coordinated approach. This paper seeks to discuss the basic elements of communication mix putting more emphasis on their pros and cons and how they influence an organizations ability to succeed in their marketing program. It will provide an overview of a promotional product that I created and how I intend to market it using the IMC approach. The rational that I will follow in choosing or rejecting specific elements of the integrated marketing mix will also be provided (Mossman, 2007). Advertising is any paid form of promotions that does not employ active participation of personal presentation to promote ideas, goods, or services through the use of a specific sponsor. Advertising uses a number of channels which include the print media, media broadcast through radios and television, outdoor advertising and other forms of non personal selling. Advertising is a promotional strategy that maintains the omnipresence nature of an organization by increasing its non personal availability to different people. ...
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