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Case Study
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Strategic Marketing Management Case Study- Nintendo Customer inserts his/her name Institution’s name Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 1.Introduction 4 2.Strategic vision/mission 4 3.Current marketing strategy 4 4.Target market and marketing strategy 5 5.Marketing strategy- Evaluation 5 6.Strengths and weaknesses of current marketing strategy 5 7.Strengths and weaknesses of current business strategy 6 8.Recommendations 6 9.Conclusion 7 Executive Summary The Japanese manufacturer of console-based games- Nintendo has established a strong heritage and brand identity for itself with the likes of Super Mario possessing high brand equity.


Therefore, Nintendo faces the challenge of overemphasizing on innovation per se while ignoring the needs of the mature audience that considers memory and storage capacity as important features of gaming hardware. Furthermore, customer lifestyle and trends are changing with majority of young audience switching to free-to-play versions of games on their smartphones. The report discusses the marketing and competitive environment with respect to Nintendo as well we its segmentation strategy and business strategy in the context or current dynamics. 1. Introduction Nintendo has gained the first-mover advantage in the interactive entertainment sector by providing both gaming devices and associated services since 1983. The Japanese manufacturer has evolved from its cult favorites “Super Mario” “Nintendo Game Cube” and “Nintendo 64” towards its more recent “Wii” and “Nintendo DS” (Kim, Lamont, Ogasawara, Park, & Takaoka, 2011). ...
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