A Marketing analysis of Italian wine in the Chinese market

A Marketing analysis of Italian wine in the Chinese market Dissertation example
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A Marketing analysis of Italian wine in the Chinese market Findings and discussion Table of Contents 1 Findings and analysis 3 PESTLE analysis 3 SWOT analysis 7 Porter’s five forces analysis 11 Marketing mix 4C analysis 16 Summary of findings 18 Reference List 19 Findings and analysis PESTLE analysis The PESTEL model would help to analyze the macro environment in China in which the liquor and wine industry operates.


Political Political factors play an important role in the performance of businesses in the long run. In China, political risk is relatively low compared to other emerging economies in the world. This is because China follows a one party policy, which reduces chances of political parties among opponents. The central government of China has recently revised its taxation policy in order to help it encourage wine business in the country. The government has taken the initiative to provide funds for the infrastructural projects that would help the wineries in their process of production (Daft, Kendrick and Vershinina, 2010). In case of a political framework, in which there is the existence of more than one party, as the ruling party changes, it leads to the change of ideologies and policies. The one party policy in China acts as a favourable factor for any business operation in the country. Therefore, the wine industry faces positive thrust in China. Import of bottled wine has increased between 2004 and 2009 as shown in the graph below. It can be seen from the figure that imports from Italy have increased considerably after 2006. ...
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