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Online Shopping Acceptance Model Name Institution affiliation Online Shopping Acceptance Model OSAM model is a reference tool used to describe consumer behavior in terms of acceptance of online shopping (Flick, 2009). The model as argued by Flick (2009) also explains whether the consumers find online shopping beneficial or not.


The components of OSAM are generated from OSA components. The OSAM module is described as an entity offering a group of services that can be achieved from the background of service growth and service provision (Dede et al., 1997). This model presents an easy method of obtaining comprehensive information about the constituents managed automatically at the beginning of the structure and can hypothetically affect its function. Zhou et al. (2007) state in their study that the knowledge-orientated view of the customer approval of electronic shopping is currently predicted and clarified by observing technical descriptions such as content and design on the website, user boundary features, and structure usability of an available store. Without the approval of the technology, e-commerce would be limited. The customers’ willingness to acknowledge the technology guides the achievement of electronic promotion (Zhou et al., 2007). Several factors influence the consumer acceptance of online purchase like consumer attitude, environmental factors, and availability of resources. The main aim of the OSAM model is to enable traders market their products using different modes like mobile phones and social media channels. ...
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