Marketing strategies being implemented by Contiki Australia

Marketing strategies being implemented by Contiki Australia  Case Study example
Case Study
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The case study discussed about the marketing strategies that have been implemented by Contiki Australia in order to offer superior value to the target customers. This answer will determine the images that are portrayed by Contiki to the target audiences.


Introduction Contiki Australia is a coach tour organization established in the year 1962. Major aim of the organization is to provide organised fun and adventurous tours targeted for the youth aged between 18 and 35. This part of the essay will determine the image of Contiki. Discussion The organization provides their target customers the value of an adventurous and organized trip enriched with tours, activities and flexible optional excursions. The image the organization portrays to its group of target customers is of an organization that provides young and energetic individual hassle free tours full of adventures and fun. The organization provides diversified services to its customers. Travel is known as high involvement activity. The company website of Contiki provides key information on its travel tips, tours, videos, FAQs, virtual community, newsletters and competitions. The organization reviewed several aspects in order to motivate and attract young travellers. Generation Y is considered as internet generation. Youth members of generation Y have a powerful sense of autonomy and independence. Therefore, the organization effectively implemented online marketing strategy in late 1970s to attract the young individuals. The company website is very popular with its specific niche market as they provide key information about several tour packages and services. ...
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