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Marketing in Real World Name Course Course Instructor Date Marketing is a push tactic that involves promoting either service or product as a way of promoting sales. An organization must employ best marketing strategies as a way of boosting sales of their products or services.


Marketing is all about achieving company’s objectives and becoming more effective than competitors in an industry through various means such as communicating customer value. Target market, marketers and what is being marketed are the most important elements that comprise marketing. It can also be said that marketing is a social process that ensures persons and groups satisfaction via creation and exchange of goods and value with others (Burrow & Bosiljevac, 2009). There are several activities that re involved in marketing that can make customer buy a particular product or service. For instance, a company may decide to design their products in a way that it looks desirable to a client through market research and pricing. Also a company may lower price of their products and let their customers learn about the price change as well as making the product available to the potential customers (Silk, 2006). Additionally, it should be noted that marketing finds, anticipates and satisfies buyers competently and gainfully. Marketing entails clear understanding, creation as well as delivery of profitable value to the target market in a way that is superior to competitors’ style. ...
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