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Marketing Channels Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Chapter 1 3 Chapter 3 8 Chapter 4 9 Chapter 5 11 Chapter 6 13 Chapter 7 16 Chapter 8 19 Chapter 9 21 Chapter 10 23 Chapter 11 26 Chapter 12 29 Chapter 13 31 Chapter 14 33 References 35 Chapter 1 Answer 1 (a) The independent beauty consultant participates in five of the eight universal marketing flows.


This will help in increasing the sale of the company. The result will be an increase in the number of customers for the organization. (c) When a consumer receives a defective product then he or she can return the products back to the independent beauty consultant and get it exchanged. When a consumer buys cosmetics from a drug store or department store then he might not get a chance to exchange the products in case of a defect. The independent beauty consultants stress on building a good relationship with the customer so they exchange the product in case of a defect. They absorb the loss that arises from exchanging the product. The department store or drug store might not exchange the products because building consumer loyalty is not their motive. Answer 2 Advertising agencies can be considered as a part of the channel as they will effectively market the product in the market. This will help in building a brand image of the company. Including financial institutions in the channel will not be fruitful for the organization as effective marketing and selling the product will not be possible. Financial institution will not contribute in building a brand image so including a financial institution is not worth. ...
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