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SATS Air Cargo Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Part 1- SATS Air Cargo Customers 3 Changes within the Airline Sector 3 Changing Customer Expectations 3 Increased Competition 4 Part 2- SATS Air Cargo Competition 5 Summary on Competitors Analysis of SATS 10 References 11 Bibliography 12 Part 1- SATS Air Cargo Customers Changes within the Airline Sector In recent years, the tastes as well as preferences of the customers in the airline network has changed drastically, where a shift from price centric to quality centric attitude has been witnessed clearly.


Correspondingly, the organizational operations of SATS have also seen changes over the years owing to the changing nature of its customers. With the increasing number of customers in the cargo sector of the airline market, SATS initiated the SIA Superhub 2 also known as the Airfreight Terminal 6 in the year 2001 with an investment of around $270 million. This approach of the company accompanied it with the ability to handle 800,000 tonnes of cargo per year, which was also accounted among the biggest capacities during that time. Furthermore, the customers in the cargo handling sector of the airline industry have also become more attracted towards online web based operations in course of time. Contextually, SATS introduced the web-based cargo tracking services in the year 2003 in order to meet the changing expectations of the customers (SATS 20111). Increased Competition With the augmented number of operations of various companies in the cargo sector of the airline industry, the competition has become more intense. ...
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