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FashionStatementX Name: Institution: FASHIONSTATEMENTX FashionStatementX Corporation markets gaming console in the market such as the Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox games console. This corporation allows users to interact with it while availing a virtual wear to allow a direct interaction.


This paper outlines the marketing objectives and analyzes the issues surrounding the sale of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 both share a very competitive market. To remain relevant in the gaming business, FashionStatementX needs to have a gadget that competes favorably with the other participating gadgets. Presently in the market, smartphones and tablets now use multiple core processors and graphic chips at higher speeds than before. Intel now uses chips that contain built-in graphics, longer battery life, and faster speeds. It is clear that every company is using advanced technology to survive the competitive software market. In a competitive market production of a product that beats the other competing product to ensure the survival in the market (McDonald, 2007: pg 45). The first marketing objective is to increase the market share of FashionStatementX by 10% per year for the next two years. Increasing the market share will increase the revenue generated in the end. The market is currently very competitive with new gadgets penetrating the market daily (Lacher et al, 2004: pg 67). With an increase of revenue growth by 20% every year, the company will experience an increased market share in the country of 10% by the end of two years. ...
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