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Marketing Within The Airlines/Aviation Industry

The author goes on further to explain that this difference in the prices is due to a process called yield management or revenue management, which is a process undertaken by airlines to maximize their revenue collections. The author puts the method behind yield management quite simply; “sell the right seat to the right type of customer, at the right time and for the right price” and that about sums it up for yield management, the rest is technicalities. The most important thing is to locate the pivotal trade-off between selling tickets at discount to get the maximum customers or selling expensive tickets and not having that many customers as a result. However, the actual process is not as simple as it has been put in words, I t is quite difficult because it involves the use of past and present consumer trends and behavior which are difficult to obtain and work with. Ideally, yield management is meant for service industries and this is why it is perfectly suited to the aviation industry. However, there are certain market characteristics that make it particularly effective when applied to or implemented in any service sector industry. ...
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The airline is an extensive and growing industry that is necessary for the dynamic process of globalization. This also contributes to the development of world trade, tourism, growth, and investment. About this and many other things in the article "Marketing Within The Airlines / Aviation Industry"…
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