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Marketing within the Airlines/Aviation Industry Student Name Instructor’s Name: Course: University: Date of Submission: Marketing within the Airlines/Aviation Industry The Airline industry is an expansive and growing industry that is essential to the dynamic process of globalization.


People from the first world travel to beautiful destinations in developing countries and to cater to the incoming tourists, the governments of these countries have developed tourist resorts, hotels and other tourist activities. This in turn boosts the economic development in these developing countries and increases their per capita income. Eventually, through the trickledown effect the population of these developing countries soon becomes able to afford to be international tourists themselves and thus continues the chain that was spurred by the existence of the aviation industry. With the increase in the scale of globalization and the extensive use of the aviation industry, worldwide business has also grown exponentially as investors are now able to invest in international markets as well as finding customers and production and supply chains there. The increase in world trade and international investments has increased the percentage of people who travel for business purposes, hence giving back some of the benefit to the worldwide aviation industry. Air travel has increased around the average rate of around 6% per annum and according to forecasts will continue to do so in the future. ...
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