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Marketing Plan of Robot Device Name of Student University Table of Contents Introduction: Telemedicine 4 Objectives &Mission Statement 4 Target Market 5 Market for Telemedicinal Products 5 Competition 6 Product Features: Healthy Robot 7 Core Marketing Strategy 7 Identification of Unique Selling Proposition 8 Operational Excellence 8 Customer Intimacy 8 Growth & Innovation Strategies 9 Marketing Mix 9 Pricing Strategy 10 Channels of Distribution 11 Customer Relationship Management 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction: Telemedicine Telemedicine is a combination of information technology with telecommunication, which provides clinical health care services from a distance (Transparency Mar


The varied forms of telemedicines include the combination of audio, videophone, imaging, and health informatics data from one particular location to another. The main crux of telemedicine would be to cater to the needs and requirements of the patients living in isolated communities and do not have financial means of purchasing the products. These also come with additional devices along with medical support and other forms of health care devices. The study will deal with the launch of a fictional medical robot which is a form of telemedicine and will help in solving varied complex health care problems. The author of the study will include the marketing activities involved in the initiation of the launch of the medical robot device. Finally, the study will conclude with the various Customer Relationship Management techniques used by the management to penetrate further into the target market. ...
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