Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company

Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company Essay example
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Marketing Plan for a Fair Trade company Executive Summary The report explains the nature of confectionary industry in United Kingdom (U.K.). The context of the report primarily focus on building an effective marketing plan for a hypothetical fair trading company in the confectionary industry of U.K.


At this juncture, it is highly rational to study the business of Chocolies in this industry. The report also throws light on the importance of fair trading in the contemporary world. The learnt from this report can often be used by any new business firm, which desires to start up a business in U.K. confectionary industry (Hutchens, 2009). Contents 4 Introduction 4 Situation Analysis 4 SWOT 4 Strengths 4 Weaknesses 5 Opportunities 5 Threats 6 PESTLE 6 Political 6 Economical 6 Social 7 Technological 7 Legal 7 Environmental 8 Market Segmentation 8 Targeting 9 Positioning 9 Objectives 10 Financial 10 Social 10 Marketing 11 Marketing Strategy 12 Marketing Programs 14 Metrics and Implementation Controls 14 Reference List 17 Introduction Business firms in the modern world face cut throat competition among themselves. It is almost impossible for a firm to achieve success in business in the modern world without an effective marketing plan. A business firm can only enjoy a broad customer base if it sets innovative and planned marketing strategies. A fair trading company is a company that involves in 100% just business transactions. This essay will enumerate an efficient marketing plan for a hypothetical fair trading firm in the confectionary industry. With the rise in the level of income in almost all the economies, the purchasing power of individuals have improved. ...
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