Evaluation of the Company's Strategy

Evaluation of the Company
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Evaluation of the Company's Strategy Name Instructors Name Course University Date of Submission Executive Summary The report aims to identify the strategies that have been developed by Tesco Plc in response to the internal and external environment surrounding the company.


In certain countries where the business is faced by economic problems Tesco has considered retrenching from its strategy to expand. The places which provide it with greater returns in a highly growing economy, Tesco is considering to enter newer markets. The environment surrounding any company is central to its growth prospects. By examining the environment surrounding Tesco, the report aims to assess the company’s strategy. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Analysis and critical evaluation of Tesco’s strategic position 4 Tesco’s Strategic Direction 7 Product development 7 Market Development 8 BCG Matrix 8 Critical evaluation through SAFS 9 Suitability 9 Acceptability 9 Feasibility 10 Sustainability 10 Conclusions and Recommendations 11 References 12 Introduction Tesco Plc was started in 1919 by Jack Cohen after he started selling groceries as stalls located in East London. In 1924 a supply of tea received from Mr. T. E. Stockwell resulted in the coining of the name Tesco and in 1929 Tesco’s first store was opened in North London. In 1934 it became a private limited company and since then Tesco has continued to grow. ...
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