Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company

Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company Coursework example
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Marketing Plan for a New Fair Trade Coffee Company Table of Contents I. Executive Summary 3 II. Situation Analysis 4 A. External Analysis- PESTLE 4 A.1. Political 4 A.2. Economic 4 A.3. Social 5 A.4. Technological 5 A.5. Legal 5 A.6. Environmental 5 B. Internal Analysis- SWOT 6 B.1.


Marketing Strategy 10 A. Product 10 B. Price 10 C. Place 10 D. Promotion 11 E. Process 11 F. People 11 VI. Marketing Programs 11 VII. Metrics and Implementation Controls 12 References 13 I. Executive Summary This paper presents a marketing plan for a fair trade product and its introduction into the UK market. The literature details a fair trade product as reverses normal market dynamics by introducing aspects of production and marketing that does away with a pure focus on profit, in preference towards alleviating and improving the economics of employing the poor, and doing away with labor exploitation, the destruction of the ecology, and the wanton disregard of the long-term consequences of trade and manufacturing practices on humanity and the environment in general. The focus is in engaging all of the stakeholders in trade in continuous and fruitful dialogue, with an eye towards replacing short-sighted emphases on profits with a longer-term sustainability-focused emphasis when it comes to doing trade and conducting business. The hope is that by enforcing fair trade standards through labeling and certification, that fair trade itself can become a powerful marketing tag that can enable fair trade marketers and producers to reach that segment of the market that is sensitive to the issues that fair trade represents. ...
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