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Professional Application Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract The research paper analyzed critical issues facing Steve Madden Ltd. and revealed various issues that need to be addressed in the IMC campaign. The researcher also identified critical challenges including economic, competition and communication ones.


Various communication objectives were provided and the research analyzed the targeted market. The research provided the major selling ideas and also included the key benefits. Lastly, the researcher included a brief conclusion, which was a short summary of the research paper. Professional Application Introduction Steve Madden, which is a recognized footwear brand, faces challenges that need to be addressed in the integrated market communications (IMC) campaign. The choice of a product promotional blend requires an effective communication to the target market or audience; thus, it should be integrated well in the communications strategy since there are a number of techniques available in the market. Barger and Labrecque (2013) attempted to reveal the significance of integrated marketing communications as a marketing strategy for increasing organizational sales; hence implementing communication objectives is imperative. The paper has analyzed critical issues facing Steve Madden and revealed what needs to be addressed in the new campaign. Part 1: Background Analysis There are various critical issues facing the company, which need to be addressed in the IMC campaign. One of the main fascinating problems in many companies is the implementation of communication messages, which is poorly done by most marketers. ...
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