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Hyundai Auto Company Introduction The success or failure of an organization partly depends upon its several managerial decisions. In this context that the business enterprises, in the current era, tend to enthusiastically implement the notion of managerial economics that majorly concentrates on various analytical tools that support the managers in making effective decisions gaining an in-sight to the market scenario.


From a similar point of view, various analytical tools including the Marginal Cost (MC) curve, Average Total Cost (ATC) curve, shifts in the Demand-Supply curve along with opportunity cost and market share coverage (Managerial Economics, n.d.). By taking into consideration all the aforementioned theories and concepts, the discussion in this paper will intend to demonstrate and analyze the managerial decisions taken by Hyundai Sonata (i.e. a particular brand by Hyundai Motor Company) being into competition with Toyota Camry (i.e. a particular brand by Toyota Motor Corporation) in the international automobile industry. Hyundai was established in the year 1967, by Ju-Young Chung as an ancillary of Hyundai Corporation which was a Korean entity. The company is considered to be among the leading automobile companies in the world. Since its inception, the company can be identified as highly impacted by the micro as well as macroeconomic environment factors by a large extent. For instance, the remarkable technological enhancements as well as the resourceful marketing strategies of the company ultimately led to a striking increase in its sales in the US market being supported by the market structure along with the macro-economic policies. ...
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