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Hyundai Auto Company

It is in this context that both Hyundai Sonata needs to focus on their competitive strategies to preserve their leading positions in the monopolistic ally competitive market of the US. The company is further observed to focus on its profit maximization strategies, placing emphasis on the aspects of marginal costs as well as average total cost. This, in turn, depicts the impact of an MCM structure on the company strategies. Operating within the MCM structure, a company needs to maintain its MC as equal to MR. The competitive position of Hyundai Sonata, in relation to its profit maximization strategies, can be better observed in comparison to the position of Toyota Camry, which is a close substitute of the brand in the MCM structure of US automotive industry. In this context, the total cost of Toyota at the end of the year 2009, 2008 and 2007 stood at ¥20.99, ¥24.02 and ¥21.71 million respectively. Moreover, the quantity of units sold by the organization in the year 2009, 2008 and 2007 was recorded as 7.23, 9.23 and 9.49 million units respectively. Therefore, the MC for the year 2009 is 1.52 and 8.47 for the year 2008 in the case of Toyota. On the basis of the aforementioned figures, the ATC of Toyota for the year 2009 and 2008 is 2.90 and 2.60 million respectively. Similarly, the revenue of Toyota for the year 2009 was ¥6.22 million and for 2008 was ¥9.42 million.Thus, the calculated MR for the year 2009, in the case of Toyota, is ¥ 4.29, whereas, the AR for three consecutive years is ¥ 8 million. ...
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The paper "Hyundai Auto Company" describes The success or failure of an organization depends in part on several managerial decisions. In this context, business enterprizes in the present era, as a rule, enthusiastically represent the concept of managerial economics…
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