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Antitrust Practices and Market Power

Antitrust laws, often known as ‘competition laws’ are norms introduced by the government of U.S. to prevent the consumers from the negativities of rapacious pricing introduced by the potential business giants in market and thereby help in promoting free trading activities in the open economies. This essay will concentrate in the recent antitrust investigation against the giant web searcher Google. The Federal Trading Commission had introduced the antitrust inquiry against Google in October 2012 and recommended the government to completely sue the business giant. Such laws are generally incorporated over firms that exhibit monopolistic or oligopolistic characteristic features. In short, the imperfectly competitive market structures encourage the malpractices and bureaucracies of potential firms in almost all industrial segments. Antitrust investigation is the best combat against such ill practices. The issue of antitrust investigation against Google encompasses the online business industry (Lohr, 2012). Reason for Antitrust investigation against Google The Federal Trading Commission (FTC) augmented pressure in Google for an antitrust investigation and decided to sue the giant web searcher. The company was claimed to manipulate its search results in a way that would facilitate its own products and make the same difficult for its potential rivals in the industry. ...
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Antitrust Practices and Market Power Name of the Student University Date Antitrust Investigation against Google Most of the contemporary economies in the modern world follow free market principles, that allow aggregate demand and supply thresholds manipulate the equilibrium price levels…
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