Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company

Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company Coursework example
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Marketing Plan for a new Fair Trade company Executive summary The United Kingdom is a developed nation and has a growing market for coffee. There are different renowned players in coffee market in UK, which compete with one another for market share. There are both multinationally functioning retail chains as well as local coffee shops that enjoy demand of the local customers.


This coffee would be known as ‘organic coffee’. Since the raw material used for the production of this coffee is handpicked and checked for quality, the flavour and taste of the product would be different from the conventional coffee offered Coffee Bar’s competitors. In this paper, the marketing plan for the introduction of this new fair trade company has been illustrated. Analysis of situation at the firm level and industry level shows that the firm has wide opportunity to capture the market for coffee in the UK, since it is still growing. However, the new firm would face strong rivalry from its competitors and also from the chief substitute of coffee, i.e., tea. If the company can adhere to its objectives and implement its marketing plans, it would be also to become successful in the long run. ...
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