Marketing and brand innovation. Apple Inc.

Marketing and brand innovation. Apple Inc.  Assignment example
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In the Cyclic Innovation Model, innovation can initiate anywhere. Change is inevitable and everything is constantly changing, backed by innovation. This is the basic principle of Cyclic Innovation Model. It can also be described as a technology-push method.


For example, iTunes was invented by Apple Inc. in the year January 2001 and consumers started using this software for storing films and music. There was an opportunity of marketing portable music player which was tapped by Apple Inc. In order to utilize this opportunity Apple Inc. conducted an extensive market research and finally developed the iPod where consumers are able to access music files with the help of internet and even store them. iTunes became an invaluable link between services and products, identifying exactly what customers want. The services of iTunes made Apple Inc. find the exact requirement of consumers in the market. New product creation helped in transition of the market and helped the company in identification of the exact requirements of the consumers. This in turn encouraged further innovation within the organization.
With the help of the Cyclic Innovation Model, the organization was able to create innovative services and products. The dimensions of innovation brought by Apple were multiple. For example, technical innovations in software such as Apple store and Hardware such as Retina Display, interaction design and virtual design innovation such as touch screen and gestures. In order to tap the market of music followers, the organization opted for channel innovation such as unique agreements with various music companies and providing creative store experiences to the consumers (Berkhout, Hartmann and Trott, 2010). ...
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