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Name: Tutor: Course: College: Date: PROFESSIONAL MARKETING APPLICATION IN STEVE MARDEN LIMITED Abstract This research paper analyzes vital marketing issues facing Steve Madden Ltd. and brings to the fore various elements that are to be addressed in the Integrated Marketing Campaign.


Some of the best practice and ideas are looked into and the essential settlement of ideas is brought to the fore. A variety of communication objectives are provided. The research also analyzes the targeted market audience. In a nutshell the research paper in depth talks about the marketing strategies that could be employed by the Steve Marden footwear company that aims to break the barriers in its line of business and enjoy a more market base unlike its rivals. Introduction Marketing communication involves bringing the products of a firm to the market and creating awareness that the product exists. It also involves other relevant information by the suppliers to the consumers that could be improvements on quality or branding. Marketing communication consists of the place, price promotion and the product. Methods and techniques of promotion differ with the product and the number of people targeted. It considers the types or groups of people the advertisement is reaching out to, their age gap, the kind of media they are most likely to come into contact with most of the time. Steve Marden limited which is a recognized footwear brand aims to make use of the integrated marketing campaign technique so as to rise above their competitors and to also maximize their sales and realize better revenue. One of the most common issues that affect product marketing is the message relay technique. ...
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