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Marketing Strategies for StarHub Internet Name Institution Marketing Strategies for StarHub Internet Following are the strategies that will be most suitable for StarHub Internet: - Market Development and Distribution Strategy The market strategy is used to develop the market for a new or modified product.


But, in the era of the 21st century focusing on one method of marketing is considered as equivalent to committing organizational suicide and therefore, modern businesses are forced to use a bunch of marketing techniques in order to stay in the business (Fahy and Smithee 1999). Moreover, marketing and advertisement is away from the noble concept of ethics and righteousness (Robin and Reidenbach 1987). The marketing is considered marketing whether or not it is dirty. So the staff in the advertisement department is supposed to keep the products and services of the company selling in order to keep their jobs (Botan 1997) The distribution strategy is a means of devising a system and mechanism for delivering the products to the customers. The business in the 21st century cannot survive without placement of the products as soon as possible. The internet service provider is recommended to develop the internal state of the art system and then, move on to the next stage of promoting itself and its services. The main idea is to boost the organizational ability to provide services when customers need or demand them. The external environment of the business has a profound impact on internal matters and practices of the business (Bourgeois 1980). ...
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