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Ben & Jerry’s Japan Entry: Management Orientation and Recommended Entry Name University 22 September 2013 Ben & Jerry's Management Orientation toward Global Expansion Ben & Jerry’s management orientation and view toward global expansion are geocentric because they do not believe that they should leave major decisions to their partners in Japan (polycentric management orientation), and they also do not think that they should be making all decisions in Japan (ethnocentric management orientation).


(Hagan, 1999, p.11). With this concern, it is evident that the management does not want to give complete control to its distributor in Japan because it can result in loss of control over important marketing and management decisions. The management wants collaboration and not to be fully controlled by the distributor or to fully control the latter. Furthermore, Ben & Jerry’s management orientation is geocentric because it wants to maintain its social mission as an important decision criterion in entering Japan. Cohen, in particular, is hesitant in doing business in Japan because it does not fit their social mission, specifically because social missions are not prevalent in Japanese businesses (Hagan, 1999, p.8). Ben & Jerry’s management approves the custom tailoring of their products, but they do not want to give up important principles and aspirations. Thus, the management has a geocentric management orientation because they want a dispersed and collaborative approach to management, not an ethnocentric or polycentric one. ...
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