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Student’s name: Professor’s name: Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Hofstede’s Model—USA vs. China The present paper looks for making the comparative analysis of the cultural and market dimensions between the USA and China, the two opposite and rival societies existing in quite divergent regions of the world, in the light of the cultural index articulated by Dr.


Geert Hofstede’s cultural dimensions index elucidates the cultural aspects of the independent states by concentrating upon the five dimensions, which include power, individualism, masculinity/femininity, uncertainty and long term orientation (Hofstede et al., 19). The comparison between the USA and her opposite political and economic state i.e. China in the light of Hofstede’s cultural index, has been made in the following lines: China vs. USA: Power Distance Index While elaborating the first dimension i.e. power distance, it becomes evident that the USA looks carrying 40 points in respect of power distance, while China maintains 80 in the same dimension; which manifestly indicates that the people of China observe imperative divergence in the cultural hierarchy as well as business and financial positions, in comparison with the Americans, where the latter have obtained less financial and status differences within the social hierarchy than their Chinese counterparts. Consequently, the status consciousness and conflict on the basis of social and financial positions is far lesser among the Americans than among the people of Far East growing economic giant i.e. China. Figure 1 China vs. USA: Power Distance Index China vs. USA: Individuality While discussing the second of the Hofstede’s cultural dimensions i.e. ...
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