The role of social media in managing customer relationships"

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The Role of Social Media in Managing Customer Relationships 1.0 Introduction Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not a new concept. It is major part of the customer centric concept management. With the emergence of the Information Technology (IT), there has been unleashing of tremendous business opportunities in dealing with the customer value and creation of business value.


It is more or less a multifaceted process, which is facilitated by IT and various other technologies. The study will focus on the conceptual theory of CRM and its relevance in the execution of the smooth marketing activities. The progress and the impact of the social marketing on the customer relationship marketing will be highlighted in the study. The varied CRM techniques will be highlighted and its significance while promoting the products, services through social media marketing will be also analyzed. Finally, the study will deal with the critical analysis, my opinion and the key aspects of the CRM in the usage of social marketing. 1.2 Development of Social Media for Enhancing Customer Relationship Management It focuses on creation of two way exchange process with customers, so that the management of the organization can have an intense knowledge about customer wants, needs and requirements. The role of the social media in the organizations requires new technologies, which facilitate the interaction between the users and the marketers. The merging of the existing CRM systems and process will enable the development of the new systems and process and also to foster the strong relationships between the organizational members. ...
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