Cloverleaf PLC Case Analysis

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The selling and purchasing process followed by a company plays imperative role in their success in the long run. Nowadays, companies around the world are trying to implement different types of strategies and techniques by which they can increase the overall sales and at the same time can streamline their purchasing process (Onkvisit & Shaw, 2004).


This study deals with the sales and purchase techniques pursued by Cloverleaf PLC and its client. It would also try to underpin the reason behind failure the company. Cloverleaf PLC is a UK based supplier of the bottling machinery that is used in the manufacturing line to fill and transport bottles. The company is best known for its use of high-end technology. As a result of the use of high end technologies, the company is able to fill the bottles at a rate which is 10% faster than the competitors and that too with equal accuracy. Therefore, the technology used by the company provides opportunities for the customers to save time and cost. Furthermore, it has been also found that the products of the company are more reliable and consistent than the competitors. All these factors provide Cloverleaf with a competitive advantage over the rivals. On the basis of the findings, the study will recommend certain strategies and techniques by which the company can boost up their sales and as a result can earn more revenue. While recommending the strategy, the study will consider both domestic and international perspectives. Discussion The company observed that it has great opportunities in the European market as there are more than 1000 organizations that are active in Europe. ...
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