Occupational Exposure to Benzene Among Shoemakers And Others - Research Paper Example

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Occupational Exposure to Benzene Among Shoemakers And Others

The above discussion indicates the importance of strictly implementing health regulations in relation to benzene. The pressure is on government enforcement agencies to implement strict monitoring activities on companies using benzene.
The above discussion indicates the impact of benzene on general human health and on workers. Benzene is a toxic chemical compound which in its entirety is considered to be a hydrocarbon. It is an additive for various industries, including shoemaking (glue), petroleum industry, as well as other industrial plants. As an additive, it can take on liquid, solid, and gaseous forms, thereby causing various instances of exposure for man. The health risk for this compound is mostly related to the blood marrow functions, and as a result, it is known to cause leukemia and other blood disorders. Studies indicate how many workers, shoemakers, petroleum workers, etc have a high risk for developing leukemia and these studies also indicate that there is indeed a link between leukemia and benzene. At present, the levels of benzene in most products have been reduced, however, a certain percentage of the compound is still present in various chemicals. This is still therefore a major concern because the EPA acknowledges that the only safe level of benzene is zero. It is therefore important for managers to establish occupational safety conditions for their workers to reduce direct exposure or to reduce the benzene components of their raw materials to acceptable and safe levels. ...
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This paper is being carried out in order to establish a comprehensive and an analytical discussion of the health impact of benzene on workers. It is also being carried out in order to establish a basis for employers and other managers on the establishment of remedies to prevent these hazards or to at least reduce the health impact of this chemical compound. …
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