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Outsourced Student’s Name Teacher’s Name Course ID Date 1. The movie has emphasized greatly the value of customs, traditions and respect for foreign cultures. Todd, the main character who was initially reluctant to even come to India, later on began to understand its cultural values, which made his stay in India easier for him after his encounter with another American in a restaurant.


2. Todd could not adjust into the Indian environment initially, so he could not bring the success rate of the call center, i.e., minutes per incident rate, to the desired standard. However, the incident of Holi helped him understand Indian values (Jeffcoat, 2007). Once he stopped resisting Indian norms and values, provided appropriate rewards to his employees, and shared his success with others, things became easier for him. The movie also managed to illustrate that respect helped Todd gain support of his team members as well as of other people that he encountered during his stay in India. For example, Todd confronted a difficult situation when his supervisor came to assess the performance, and due to poor infrastructure, the whole building was flooded (Jeffcoat, 2007). With the help of his staff, he managed to demonstrate exceptional managerial skills. The children on the streets decorating his cell phone also showed that mutual respect is important for people to have a strengthen relationship. 3. ...
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