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Case Study example - Maple Ridge Engineering

Case Study
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This project involves an assessment of the technical aspects of the business, in relation to its GEMS system. The system is still under development and is focused on the business support functions within Maple Ridge…

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At present, Maple Ridge is in dire need of the system to provide information on business solutions. The aim is to ensure that the users are comfortable, not just the developing team. The problem at Maple Ridge is that Staff cannot easily move from one project to another. At the same time and for the same reason, staff cannot easily monitor the resources. The company seeks to implement a system that can move staff between different projects and monitor the positions of the shared resources. The important feedback in this project is the performance of MRE, compared to the experience and the expectations for future. The project is essential for maple Ridge because the benefits are long lasting and sustainable. It will act like an automated framework on which Daniel and Snowden will be able to co-ordinate future projects. The costs are minor, being a once-off payment. After the design of the MRE, the only cost is that of maintenance. The option that can make the project more efficient is to compare it to the already existing successful projects of similar nature, notice how resources are shared, how staff members monitor projects and the methods of delivering feedback. This in fact is the objective. ...
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