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Service Marketing and Relationship Marketing Contents Introduction 4 Service Blueprint of Subway 4 Front Stage and Back Stage Functions 7 Moments of Truth 8 Determinants of Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction- GAP Model 9 Service-Recovery Strategy Plan 12 Conclusion 13 Reference List 14 Introduction Designing a delivery system for service organisation is a creative process.


In the present report, a service blueprint of Subway has been formulated and evaluated. Different components of service delivery process are described in service blueprint of Subway. Theories and practical applications of service blueprint have been discussed with respect to the organisation. Moments of truth or customer touch points with respect to Subway has been discussed. The report has also evaluated strategic plans for service recovery process. Service Blueprint of Subway As a blueprint, Subway will have five components all together performing front stage and back stage operations. The elements of Subway’s physical evidence include exterior facilities, interior facilities and signage. The exterior facilities include waiting areas consist of benches, sofas and chairs and external sitting areas for customers who wants to enjoy their meal outside the restaurant. Subway has a typical green colour dominating its physical landscape which implies nature and warmth. Also, the fast food joint have established signboards for travellers and onlookers. The subway store signage is uniform as established by uniform standards. Glass branding such as on windows and door panels is not usual in Subway as the store size is generally small. ...
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