Marketing research of Holland & Barrett

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Marketing Research of Holland & Barrett Table of Contents 1.Introduction 5 2.Company Analysis 5 2.1.Brief overview 5 2.2.Product and Service Analysis 6 2.3.Current strategy 7 2.4.Financial strength 7 3.External Scanning 8 3.1.PEST 8 3.1.1.Political 9 3.1.2.Economic 9 3.1.3.Technological 10 3.1.4.Social 10 3.2.Porter’s Five Force Model 11 3.3.UK Healthcare Retail Industry Analysis 13 3.4.Customer Analysis 17 4.SWOT 19 4.1.Strengths 19 4.2.Weaknesses 20 4.3.Opportunities 20 4.4.Threats 20 5.Marketing Objectives for Next Three Years 20 6.Financial Budget Plan 21 7.Segmentation and Targeting 22 8.Selecting a Suitable Strategy 22 8.1.Ansoff Matrix-150 22 8.2.TOWS Matrix 23 9.Marketing Mix 24 9.1


At present, the business opportunities in the global market scenario has raised significantly and prevailing business organization are constantly trying to capture the available marketing opportunities before their key rivals. Development of marketing plan is a comprehensive task and requires a detailed marketing analysis including external and internal. Realizing the increasing importance of marketing activities, many scholars and academics have developed multiple useful marketing models and strategic analytical tools for framing effective marketing plans and strategies. Boone and Kurtz have defined the market strategy as “an overall, companywide program for selecting a particular target marker and then satisfying consumers in than market through a careful blending of the elements of the marketing mix-products, distribution, promotion and price” (Boone and Kurtz, 2011, p.42). ...
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