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Marketing research of Holland & Barrett

Holland and Barrett is a European retailer company which deals in the products of herbal supplements, vitamins and other health care products. It is widely diversified company which operates through more than six hundred outlets. It mainly operates in UK and Ireland. The Holland and Barrett was founded in 1920 by Samuel Ryder. The head quarter of the company is situated in United Kingdom. The staffs of the company are well trained and most of the training is provided by the company itself. In 2008 Holland Barrette bought Julian Graves another health food retailer of United Kingdom, which expanded the number of the company’s outlets across UK and Ireland. The parent company of Holland and Barrette is NBTY Europe Ltd whose former name was Holland and Barrette ltd. The parent company was established in 2002. It is also based in UK and operates in the pharmaceutical sector.
The Holland and Barrett offers a number of products from its retail outlets. All the products are health care products which can be categorized as food and health drinks, body building products and services, dietary products, multi vitamins, toiletries and other products. Food and health drinks contains various brands of cereals, confectionery, dried fruit, honey, nuts and seeds. Body building products includes a number of brands of protein supplements, creatine, amino acids, weight gain products, weight management products etc. Dietaries products have a number of brands which are all weight reducing products. ...
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The importance and necessity of effective marketing strategies in this competitive business environment has increased manifold. At present, the business opportunities in the global market scenario has raised significantly and prevailing business organization are constantly trying to capture the available marketing opportunities before their key rivals. …
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