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International marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 7B: Foreign Branding 3 8A: Difference between COO and CE 4 Advantage of CE: Industry example 5 Conclusion 6 References 7 Introduction Branding is an important marketing tool that helps an organization to develop potential customer base around the globe.


Several manufacturing or service providing organizations use foreign branding strategies in order to attract significant number of target customers towards the brand. For example, in several non-English speaking countries, several fashion and cosmetic brands use English or French or Italian styled brand name in order to penetrate the target market (Bilkey and Nes, 1982, p.11). It is important for the organization is to implement unique strategies in order to achieve effective competitive advantage in order to survive in the global competitive market place. Branding is an important marketing strategy of a product or service. Successful branding strategy can help an organization to attain huge customer loyalty due to its attractiveness. Global business environment has become highly competitive due to the presence of several leading organizations within a similar industry. Therefore, the marketing managers of several leading organizations are focusing on effective branding and product development strategy in order to create huge brand awareness in the minds of target customers. Branding of an organization is considered as an effective promotional strategy. A strong brand can be referred as the strongest asset of an organization rather then the quality of products and services. ...
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