External Analysis on Noble Energy INC

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Name of the Student Name of the Professor Course Number Date External Analysis on Noble Energy INC Introduction The internal and external environment of a country acts as a hindrance and the means through which companies can achieve their goals. The business environments therefore provide opportunities as well as act as a threat for the organizations.


An organization is directly impacted by the occurrences of the external environment in which the organization functions. Moreover, the external environment provides the impetus and paradigm that shapes the function of a company. A number of reports and observation of the eminent scholars reflected that organization having the ability to adjust itself to the exterior environment, essentially survives in the marketplace. On the contrary, companies that fail to match up with the external requirements get eliminated from the competition and the industry. Therefore, from the above discussion it is obvious that a company should carry out in-depth analysis of the external business environment to enhance the chances of prospering. Proper analysis will not only help in better understanding and formulating appropriate strategies, but will also ensure improved productivity and better performance of the company (Williams and Cutis 4-8). This study will analyze the external business environment of Noble Energy INC, which is a US based company involved in manufacturing and distribution of petroleum and natural gas. The external analysis of the company will encompass an overview of the general environment. ...
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