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Brand identity and communication strategies: how IKEA become a popular brand in China - Dissertation Example

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Brand identity and communication strategies: how IKEA become a popular brand in China

Entailed in the rapid economic progress and growth of China is the country’s great potential for investment opportunities (Lauffs and Tan 2001). With a population of 1.3 billion, a steadily rising income level, a solid economy and a widening middle class (Weber, Wang and Ying 2009), China’s strong position in the global economic market, both as a player and market, continue to be heralded as a great opportunity and a myriad of challenges (Li et al. 2006). The present research will look into the phenomenal popularity of IKEA in China and will analyse how IKEA, a foreign brand, has achieved such a phenomenal success in China. In fact, China’s furniture industry is considered as one of the strongest industry of the country. 1.1. Background of the Study The impact of globalisation is not limited only to the economic relationship of countries. Its influence and impact permeates all the structures of society (Watson 2004). China’s experience of monumental economic growth is directly attributed to the country’s transformation of its international trade policy (Yao 2006). ...
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Chapter 1 Introduction 1.0. Introduction Globalisation has opened a new economic interrelationship among nations across the globe (Soros 2002; Stiglizt 2009). It has minimised, if not totally removed, economic boundaries existing among nations, thereby, establishing freer movements of goods, services, culture, products, capital, and people (Suarez-Orozco and Qin-Hilliard 2004)…
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