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1.Why is personal selling so important in a time when technology is seemingly replacing people? Personal selling by definition is important despite technology. Personal selling refers to the process of influencing the customer to make a specific purchasing decision (Kalb, 1997).


Therefore when promoting a new or complicated product, personal selling is an important and effective tool to use (Lamb, et al., 2013). Personal selling also allows for a subjective and more personal approach for the targeted consumers. Thus, the product promoted is not needlessly brought to the attention of those who are no likely to be interested. Moreover, the cost of promotion can be modified by adjusting the size of the target consumer market. When the targeted consumer requires clarification or has a complaint or concern, the sales personnel is present and can meet those demands (Lamb, et al., 2013). According to Weitz and Bradford (1999), personal selling is an important aspect of relationship marketing and as such remains an integral part of the firm’s drive to become and/or to remain competitive. Personal selling not only initiates contact with perspective and existing consumers, but also aids in promoting and sustaining long-term relations with consumers, purchasing firms and creditors (Weitz & Bradford, 1999). Anderson (1996) argues that modern technology has increased, rather than decrease pressure on businesses to promote and use personal selling. With improvements in information technology and the integration of global markets and economies, consumers have become increasingly more sophisticated and have heightened expectations. ...
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