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Marketing Question 1: Technology has greatly impacted the way companies and organizations approach strategic marketing today; give an example of how companies (or you), can effectively use technology in marketing efforts for each of the “4 P’s” areas: product, Price, Promotion and Place Marketing can be referred as an effective set of practice of an organization in terms of generating value to the customers along with ensuring proper communication and delivery of the products and/or services in order to manage a feasible relationship with the clients in ways that offer profit assistance for both the organization and its stakeholders.


Developing an effective marketing mix for the organizations is one of the crucial aspects in the present advanced technological era. The marketing mix comprises the concept of 4Ps of marketing including Products, Price, Place and Promotion, related to the products and/or services that are rendered by any organization. Product Product or service of an organization can be determined as the fundamental factor for the company in its growth portfolio. In the context of continuous advancement made in business activities, the organizations are highly focusing on their offerings with quality, affordability along with ensuing fulfillment of the customers’ desires from the specific product or service. Moreover, the organizations in the present scenario are concentrating upon making upgrades in their products and/or services frequently in order to attract customers’ attention or to generate their buying desire towards the developed or new products/services. ...
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