Project Management and Research Methods

Project Management and Research Methods Essay example
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Project Management and Research Methods Abstract The Kenyan public telecommunication firm Telkom Kenya has accounted a 42.5% fall in its income till the mid quarter of 2013 from the last year. It was also estimated by the analysts that the companies share in the market of Kenya was also diminishing with time.


The report in Part A would explain the marketing plan introduced by the new official for Telkom Kenya, which would help the company reverse its sales within a span of 2 years. It also throws light on the various strategies that can further help the company park more clients in future. Finally, at the end of Part A the report briefs a project plan summarizing the marketing campaign for the company. Part B explains the effectiveness of the market research. It also throws light on the reasons for decline of Telkom Kenya’s business and frame policies with the help of which the firm may expand in future. At the end before concluding with the recommendations, the report emphasises the various facets of the mobile phone industry. ...
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