MK455 - Promotional Policies and Strategies/ Promo Plan Project

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Promotional Strategies and Plan Name University Instructor Course Date Introduction A promotional plan is a detailed schedule that provides the marketing tools, strategies and financial resources that a business intends to use to increase the awareness of a particular product in the market.


Promotional plans aims to provide simple and practical schedules which are less time consuming and that provides focus and direction that encourages the marketing efforts. Promotional strategies and approaches are subject to change and this can only be done in a situation where a comprehensive plan provides basis upon which such a change is achieved (Delre, jager, Bijmolt & Janssen, 2007). In this paper, a comprehensive promotional plan will be provided for my fictitious product that in this case shall be a remote control diaper changer. Therefore, I will provide a detailed description of my target market, the objectives of this promotional plan and the tactics that I shall employ in promoting it. The implementation program, time for implementation and the entire budget needed to implement this plan comprehensively shall also be provided. Finally, evaluation of approaches used in marketing is essential for the success for the programs and provide basis for future changes. I will finally evaluate the feasibility of this promotional plan to ascertain its ability to succeed and deliver the final targets. Target market Diapers are clothing materials used for young babes and children to help improve their sanitation and comfort. These baby wears must be periodically replaced to enhance their comfort of the baby and to clean the bottoms. ...
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