The role of social media in managing customer relationship?

The role of social media in managing customer relationship? Essay example
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THE ROLE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN MANAGING CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP 1. INTRODUCTION Since recent past messages were communicated to the public through press releases, advertisements and press conferences. Over the years, new methods and channels of communication are developed and social media is one of them.


1.1. OBJECTIVES Social Media (here after referred as SM) plays a significant role in managing customer relationship. The main focus of this report is to signify the effect of social media on customer service, on brand loyalty and on the purchase intention of the customers. The significant importance of understanding the relationship has increased because with the passage of time the popularity of social media has increased dramatically. The development in the business world has increased the importance of social media in maintaining a healthy and long term relationship with the customers. An article published in Forbes discusses social media as business marketing and customer based development platform (Bosari, 2012). The presence of social media is considered flexible and well-managed must for businesses medium to enhance the customer relationship in this digital era. Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are three most actively used social media platforms. The increasing significance of social media has pushed the colleges towards offering degrees in Social Media Marketing (Bosari, 2012). This clearly elaborates that social media plays an active and prominent role in managing customer relationship. ...
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