Assignment 2 - Business Scenario

Assignment 2 - Business Scenario Assignment example
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Business Scenario Name: Course: Instructor: Date: The UNGC is an initiative, consisting of a primary framework, of the united nation that seek to initiate firms all over the globe in adopting sustainable and corporate responsibility policies I their respective organizations1.


Apple became a Global compact signatory after realizing the brand and reputation toward being a participant of the compact principles. Moreover, interest grew due to the rigorous enforcing in its standards and taking proper action directed by regulatory mandates of the UN in those companies that were futile in meeting the standards of the mandate2. The principals center on areas of labor, human rights, the environment and issues pertaining to corruption. Apple fights to follow the principles to the latter, hence embraces and promotes within our global share of the market place the statutory mandate of these principles. Our company has encouraged the invention of environmental friendly products to our customers. Moreover, in the realization of the tenth principle Apple works tirelessly against the norm of all forms of corruption, for instance bribery and fraud among others. Developing technology in order to enhance protection of the environment is a fundamental issue in the drive of promoting principle nine (9) in the UN global compact device. Apple devices less pollutant devices that are unlikely to pose adverse effects the environment. Our industry utilizes the process of recycling resources due to the sustainable usage of resources while handling the wastes in a satisfactory manner. ...
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