Customer and Market Profile "The Mobile Mechanic"

Customer and Market Profile "The Mobile Mechanic" Assignment example
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New Project Table of Contents Introduction 3 Industry overview 4 Customer Profile 6 Target Market 8 Reference 10 Introduction In today’s era of rapid globalization and increasing competition, the firms are continuously striving for capturing and expanding the market with their products and services.


Today the advancement of technology has made it possible to bring the customers across the world at the virtual shop where they are allowed to browse, select, try and make payments without being physically present at the store. The increased level of consumer awareness, because of globalization has become the centre stage of triggering of new kinds of demands from the consumers all around the world. Naturally, the new kinds of consumer demands are helping in the process of evolution of significant business opportunity in various markets around the world. Witnessing the demand for new products and services in various international markets, companies headquartered in foreign locations are also entering into many new markets. In many cases, the organizations record a significant growth in business profits by entering in to new markets, while facing stagnant growth levels in the domestic and home markets. Talking in regards to the issues of market entry by various global and multinational organizations, it has to be stated that the presence of multiple organizations in various global markets lead to the rise of homogeneous products that are available in those markets. The growth of homogeneous products in any specific market raises the choice of products available to the consumers and thereby raises the level of competition that exists in the marketplace. ...
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