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Research Proposal example - Compartive study " The effect of online word of mouth versus tradtional word of mouth on saudi consumers purchase decsion : a

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Research Proposal
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The Effect of online word of mouth versus traditional word of mouth on Saudi consumers purchase decision: A case study of retail sector in Saudi Arabia Abstract Over the years, word-of-mouth (WOM) has been credited with the ability to influence the consumer behavior regarding purchase of commodities…

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The methodology involves the use of a case study that applies the use of both positivist epistemology and inductive reasoning approach to fully answerer the research questions. At the end of the study, the researcher found no significant difference between traditional word of mouth and the online word of mouth in regard to purchases in Saudi Arabia. However, the online word of mouth was found to be more influential than the traditional word of mouth due to various factors that surround its application. This information is thus of great significance to marketers who as they can use it as part of their strategies. Chapter One Introduction Word of mouth marketing is a substantial force in the advertising industry since companies spent up to $1.7 billion in their campaigns in the year 2009 alone (Cheung and Thadani, 2010). This is also projected to increase to $3.0 billion by the end of this year since most marketers are becoming aware that WOM has great influence on purchase decisions on customers. Consumers make many decisions on daily basis regarding the purchasing preferences, which are of vital information to a business. These information help shape the consumers products and related values before they recognize a need to purchase any product and thus marketers need it to strategize their marketing tactics. ...
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