analysing online consumer shopping motivations for luxury products

analysing online consumer shopping motivations for luxury products Essay example
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Analysing Online Consumer Shopping Motivations for Luxury Products Table of Contents Literature Review 3 Introduction 3 Theory of Consumer Behaviour 4 Consumer Behaviour on Online Shopping 6 Motivators of Online Shopping for Luxury Products 11 Summary 14 References 15 Bibliography 20 Literature Review Introduction In the present day context, online shopping has emerged to be regarded as one of the most significant avenues of business.


Internet provides several advantages to the customers, for instance, easy availability of information, facility of product and price evaluations and convenient assessment of offerings among others. The number of customers purchasing through online and the amount being paid have been on the rise. Each day more and more people take the leap to purchase online. Several organisations desire to capitalise on the growing momentum of online revolution (Shafiq & et. al., 2011). According to Javadi & et. al., (2012), as compared to physical outlets, online stores possesses number of unmatched benefits. They are much expedient than physical outlets and allow customers to save time on travelling or waiting lines. Online stores remain accessible at any time and provide customers with rich information regarding different products and services offerings. In present days, online customers possess greater extent of control along with bargaining power in comparison with physical stores because online medium renders more interactivity between customers and product or service providers. ...
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