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www.ideo.com and www.kickstarter

Kickstarter.com has a terrific vision making dreams into realities. Projects, creative ideas and other dream endeavors become reality with the funding that could be provided by kickstarter.com. Looking closely at the reviews for kickstarter.com, the website both has good and negative reviews. For the good reviews, the website was able to materialize projects would not have left the trestle board if it was not funded through kickboard. One of the projects was the Dewey Mac, Kid Detective Book which is a make DIY (do it yourself) and STEM Spy Gadget (Carroll). The idea was to make children experiment from STEM (Science, Technology and Math) experiences to be able to play the game. The participant would be building real working toys such as foxhole radio and glass ear from materials that could be readily found at home. In the process, it strengthens the STEM skills of children while having fun. The kit received various awards which could not have been possible without kickstarter.com’s help. Another project that materialized through kickstarter.com was the “Foodie Dice: Play with your food” project (Tumbleweeds). The idea was to inspire cooking combinations from the dice by merely rolling them. It is composed of 5 primary dice and 4 seasonal veggie dice that could produce creative concoctions by merely rolling them. The project receive $86,371 pledges and 2,333 backers (Tumbleweeds). ...
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Kickstarter.com is a crowdsourcing website that seeks funds for creative subjects. The projects that they seek funding include films, games, and music to art, design, and technology (Kickstarter.com). Kickstarter.com is a great way for creative people who has great projects but lacks funding to finance the completion of such project. …
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